The light

Choreography: Gary Rowntree Dancer: Oona Doherty

Premiered in 2013 at Cloud Dance Festival and later at Pick N Mix Festival in 2014

'The Light', choreographed in 2013 is a 20 minute solo work performed by a female that explores an internal fight with one's self to escape. The choreography grew out of a research and development period in April 2013 that experimented with the use of light in dance.

Choreographed with thoughts such as "is there light at the end or does the fight just begin", the solo dancer invites audiences members into  a dark area that sees emotions struggle and emptiness  come alive. The choreography portrays animalistic behaviour and qualities that shoot, jump, fall and fight while highlighting moments of real human emotion; detailing  vulnerability and aggression.

Gary Rowntree | Dance would like to thank all those who donated to help fund the company present this work in London in 2013.

Media of the light